Interested in a Sage, Trellis setup. Using WP-Engine though?

I am a web-designer, but I am really interesting in using sage as well as a Trellis environment. At my job we use WP-Engine as our hosting and have been really satisfied with them. I worried a Sage and Trellis workflow (especially if Bedrock has to be included) is going to me more frustrating that it’s worth.

Has anyone used this kind of workflow? Using Sage/Trellis/Bedrock and pushing and pulling repos from WP-Engine?

Also using Trellis/Bedrock specifically might be unnecessary for a web-designer.


This might help get you started -

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Thank you. What happens if I want to pull from WP-Engine?

I don’t believe you can do that by default on WP Engine anyways… changes on the server aren’t committed back to git.