Intermittent internet after running yarn start


So I’m new to sage roots…also as a preface im using mac os mojave. I’m a freelance developer and have other sites I work on for clients that are based on another CMS entirely.

So I was working on my roots wp site the other day…everything is going fine and then I need to google something and my internet is just gone. Google anything and just get a “This site cant be reached” error from the browser. (at the bottom it says ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED)

I can’t use anything that requires my computer to be online. No slack, no spotify, no email, nothing. The connection does come back for a period of like 5 mintues…if im lucky but then just dies again.

Originally I thought this was something else and searched the internet high and wide with no results. I have an iPad and carried on working on the wp site as I could just google stuff from there and the wp site is local so everything is fine…kinda.

For the next few days I’m just busy on other, older sites that do not use roots and the internet on my computer is back to normal. I dont know what the problem is but its gone so I stop worrying about it.

Then today I come back to the roots project. Run yarn start and browsersync does its thing and the internet goes dead again so im really thinking there must be a connection between the two now.

In all honesty I’m still not 100% sure that roots / browsersync is my problem as I cant seem to find anybody else with the same problem and this could just be a mega coincidence but at the same time it’s the only lead I have and I would like to get this resolved so I’m asking here.

EDIT to add…once I quit the yarn start process from my terminal, the internet eventually comes back and I seem to be able to use it for hours at a time and then when I run yarn start again it dies. I really do think something executed by yarn start is causing all these problems but I do not know what.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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