Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) compatibility

I know Sage doesn’t support IE8 out of the box deliberately. However, some corporate clients do still require this. Is it possible to add support for IE8 easily or is Sage simply too un-IE8 friendly to make it worth using in these scenarios?

Thoughts appreciated!

You should be able to follow the guidance from the Bootstrap docs here and here to get it working.

So there’s nothing prohibitive in Sage itself such as any non-compatible JS?

No. I’ve used Sage for ie8 sites and never had any issues with the jQuery.

Ah OK, my mistake. I thought I remembered reading that it wasn’t IE8 compatible but couldn’t find any info.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

We haven’t really done anything that is IE8 incompatible yet.

Really appreciate the reply – good to know :smile:

I’m getting an error out of the box in IE8. Using Browserstack. Unfortunately all I get is this:

Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
Line: 3
Char: 6262
Code: 0
URI: http://localhost/sage/wp-content/themes/sage/dist/scripts/main.js

Seems like we are running into a similar issue:

edit: just tried it for myself and it seems to be working with no error.

Whats your testing method? I am using Browserstack emulating Windows 7 and IE8 and I get the error always. Even on first install.

Does it still happen when you use this?

Seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks! Though getting non errors on IE once you introduce some new libraries, scripts etc…is basically impossible.

Sweet!! That’s making it’s way into master soon