🌱 Introducing Radicle

I’m excited to share a new project in the Roots ecosystem with y’all: Radicle

Radicle is an opinionated starting point for WordPress projects with the Roots stack, and it includes our preferred setup of Acorn, Bedrock, Bud, Sage, and Trellis.

We’ve made the root of the project the area of focus, including everything related to the WordPress theme, which is a modified version of Sage 10. All of your theme templates are located at resources/views/. No more navigating 7 levels deep to get to your templates and assets — they’re just 2 levels away. The config/ directory is used for handling the theme setup as well as registering post types/taxonomies.

We’ve been building Radicle and using it on the Roots site for over 6 months, and finally got it all packaged up for broader use. After purchasing a license for Radicle you’ll be able to generate an invitation to the GitHub repo to access the codebase.

Have any questions about Radicle? Reply to this email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

What else is new?

There’s also been lots of updates to both our docs and guides recently, such as how to create Acorn packages. I’ve got a good backlog of new guides and blog posts to create (such as how to use Acorn in your own WordPress plugins), but would love to hear what you think is missing on our docs/guides!

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