Introducing the Roots Wrapper Toolbar

My wrapper debug code has been floating around the forum for a while. I’ve tidied it up a bit and created a free plugin for it here.

It’s a very simple plugin; the base and main template selected by the wrapper will be listed in a drop down menu in the admin bar. Hover over the drop down and it will display the full path of the template. Its display is filterable, so you won’t have to annoy clients unnecessarily.

I hope you find it useful enough to guilt trip some purchases of my Roots Wrapper Override plugin, which I’ll be bumping to $20 at the end of the month (or when I push its new sidebar override feature).

Should also mention that it’s largely untested, so please feel free to raise issues over on Github.


I’m using the Roots Wrapper Toolbar plugin with the latest version of Sage, but am not seeing any templates in the toolbar. I do see them when using Query Monitor and the Sage Addon for Query Monitor.

Am I missing something? It is activated.

Until my updates have been merged, you’ll need to use the branch that supports Sage.


I don’t know, man. It doesn’t require Query Monitor, does it? Even ‘On branch sagesupport’ I’m not seeing anything in the toolbar. Tried as plugin and mu-plugin.

Are you logged in as a super admin or admin?
Is the sidebar set to be shown in your preferences?
Are you viewing pages on the front end?

It should just add a “Roots Wrapper” dropdown to the WordPress menu.

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Ah. I’m logged in as Admin, because it’s not a MU install (the there IS no Super-User). I’m looking at the WPMU docs now - and would welcome a link to concise introduction.

I have a lot of separate WP sites and may well be a candidate for WPMU.

It should work if you’re a super admin or wpmu or an admin on a non-wpmu install, so it’s not that causing the issue. You could check the html to double check there isn’t an unlikely CSS display issue.

Actually it the sagebranch IS working - i didn’t realize (or had forgotten) it’s only visible on the front end. Thanks!

Hey Foxaii,

I was looking at your Roots Wrapper Override plugin the other day and I was contemplating it and if it would be useful in my development and save me time. I definitely think a sidebar override feature would be great, if it is what I think it is.

Anyways, I think it would help purchases if you added a few more screenshots to your description of it in action.

Just my two cents.

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Hello, how it work? It’s installed and activated but is not shown on my wp front-end! Any advice? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Are you using the branch with Sage support?

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Now Works! :slight_smile: Thank youuu!

Has this ben updated?

I’ve downloaded the latest version of the Sage branch and I still get nothing showing up on the toolbar. Very strange.

I’ve checked my source code, and its not being output on the page at all.

Using Sage 8.4.2

It should be up to date. Are you sure it’s been activated?

It will only show on the front end.

Yep. Activated, and looking at front end. Nothing showing for me. No errors either.

Multisite? If so are you a super admin?

not a multisite, and I’m the only account on the site. Admin rights.

I wish there were a way for me to give you an account to look at it, but the site is still in development locally, so there really isn’t an easy way.

Totally realize this is a pretty dated thread, we’re running Sage 9 and the wrapper plugin doesn’t seem to be working anymore! Am I missing something?

Sage 9 (latest)
Roots Wrapper Toolbar 2.0.0
No css hiding anything. No errors in the logs. Installed and activated through WordPress.

You’re not missing anything. I’ve not updated either of the wrapper plugins to work alongside Sage 9 yet.

It will happen, I’m just not sure when as work has been super busy of late. PRs welcome.

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