Invalid PHP version

I’m relatively new to Sage. I’m installing Sage 10. I set up a new website. I was able to download Sage 10 and ran the yarn commands to install, build, and then watch. Once I changed themes I got the error Invalid PHP Version.

I’m using Lando for my local server environment and it’s configured to use PHP 7.3. When I look at my server config, it also displays it’s using PHP 7.3.

I tried shutting down the server and restarting, still no dice. A couple of weeks ago I stared up a local Sage install with the same config on Lando and didn’t have this issue. Not sure what I may be doing wrong or what else to check.

I threw in a phpinfo file just to make double sure the environment was loading the correct php version. It’s not, it’s running PHP 7.0. Sigh. Config issue on my part.

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