Is Ansible Vault necessary for a private repository?

If the repository that I’m using for my project files is a private one, is there really much point to setting up Ansible Vault as well?

Well, it takes a minimal amount of effort if you’re already familiar with the process, so I’d personally do it regardless of whether I’m the only one looking at the repo (I typically am, by the way – #foreveralone).

But ultimately it’s a decision that only you can make. If it’s a risk (however small) you’re willing to take, then gopher it.


Well there is actually more than one person working on the repo but I think I’m gonna do it anyway just for best practices :slight_smile:

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I struggled with vault at first. I used to keep trellis in a separate private repo on my own gitlab install.

Since i started using ansible vault I don’t need to do that anymore and things are much simpler.

Now I just use my gitlab install to keep a mirror of my bitbucket repos in case of an outage.

I find that using roots forces me on to a continual learning curve that can sometimes be challenging, but always makes sense with hindsight.