Is it possible to *not* have trellis use a subdirectory (/wp) for wordpress-core? Doesn't seem compatible with some plugins

I love Trellis, it’s made it so easy to get a Wordpress server up and running for my client.

One issue though, is that Trellis (or Bedrock?) puts Wordpress into a subdirectory (/wp). Which I know is a valid thing to do. However, plugin authors can be a real pain with this.

My client’s site is using Aliexpress to load products into WooCommerce. The Aliexpress plugin doesn’t work properly for importing products if Wordpress is in a subdirectory.

You would think it would be easy for them to fix, but they’re being quite difficult about it…

“WordPress URL and Site URL have to match and WordPress have to be installed in the root directory” is what their support says, and won’t budge on that.

Is there anyway around this? I have no choice but to use this plugin on this project, and the thought of managing Wordpress without Trellis is not good…

It’s a Bedrock feature (and requirement) so Trellis just follows that. There’s no actual way to change that either without hacking a bunch of things yourself.

See for more details on compatibility. Basically Aliexpress is doing Something Bad :tm: and not being honest about it.

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