Is it possible to rename wp directory


So I have a client that has requested the name of the wp directory where the core WordPress files are installed so that the login and admin URLs would be changed from

to something like:

If this is possible to do I can’t find any documentation or previous threads on it (forgive me if there are any).

What files/code would I need to change in order to do this?

Is this for a security enhance? If so, why don’t u use this plugin instead?

It works great with bedrock.

@carlosfaria thanks for sharing this.

I would prefer to do this without a plugin as I feel like it could be as simple as changing a few config files.

We don’t recommend or support doing this.

Why not? What do you recommend for security?

Because there’s no security benefit by obscuring the directory

Keeping your webserver up to date along with WordPress core and plugins are some of many things you can do

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