Is it smart to use a provider with vagrant and trellis called kvm libvirt?

Hi there,

I’m setting up trellis for the first time using the official documentation, and the docs simply say to install vagrant with a provider. I’m on a ubuntu development machine. Is it a smart idea to use libvirt/kvm as the provider (not officially supported on vagrant), or should I try using a different virtualization technology? If so, what would be a good solution? I’ve also setup podman previously with a alias for docker, is that an option too?

Hey @Simbaclaws,

The simplest solution would be to use the VirtualBox provider.

But I’d love to see how you get on with the KVM provider. Being type 1, it should be faster than VirtualBox.

In theory, most Vagrant providers should work. Other providers don’t work fully - Trellis can’t set RAM / CPU counts etc outside of the officially supported providers currently.

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Hi @talss89,

I’ll use the virtualbox provider, I might setup the kvm provider at some point on one of my other machines I suppose. Thank you for the answer.

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