Is Sage 10 slow or not used properly?

Hi !

I’m using Sage 10 with ACF Composer to build a page builder (via ACF’s Flexible Content).

The more “blocks” I add (1 Fields, Composer and Blade file), the heavier my theme becomes.

I’m currently at 130 Mb and 0.77s loading time.

With a new Sage 10 installation, I’m already at 18s and 20mo.

Maybe I’m not using Sage properly and my architecture is too complex. What do you think?

Here’s my architecture :

That seem’s a little unusual.

Can you check out and follow up on ACF Composer is making WP Admin very slow · Issue #176 · Log1x/acf-composer · GitHub to see if you can maybe spot where this issue is occurring?

I have some pretty thick sites and haven’t noticed anything crazy. I know registering blocks with PHP using ACF can have some slow down after a certain amount of registered fields/blocks – but it is not within my control and entirely on ACF’s side and JSON exports have the same issue/bottleneck.

I’m not sure what the comparison is slow-down wise when storing fields in the database.

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Thank you for the response, by analyzing the Github ticket, I get the fields to load in 0.288s.

I’m not sure that my problem comes from ACF Composer but rather from Sage itself?!