Is Sage version 8.4.2 PHP 7.2 compatible?

Dear community,

Somewhere in 2016 I created a site using Sage v.8.4.2. Updating Wordpress itself and plugins never gave any trouble. As of today the Wordpress version running is 4.9.8 (latest update there is), same goes for all the plugins I use.

A week ago I received a message from the hosting company that they will switch to PHP 7.2, right now it’s running PHP 5.6. From my hosts control panel I have the ability to switch between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.2. When I switch it to PHP 7.2 the site does not function correctly: <head> is loaded correctly, but the <body> is empty. and the console does not show any errors.

Maybe this Sage version isn’t even compatible with PHP 7.2? Hope someone has some experience or knowledge worth sharing? Thank you in advance.

Sage itself should be fine with 7.2 but it’s possible (likely, even) that some of the customization that was done while developing the theme was not 7.2-friendly.

You can find out what’s wrong by looking at your PHP error logs. They should detail what’s wrong in what file. From there you can work on updating the code to work with 7.2.


Thanks @MWDelaney, using PHP error logs helped a lot! There seemed to be an issue with a plugin, I did not change anything on Sage, all working now on PHP 7.2.