Is x-dynamic-component supported?


I tried to use “x-dynamic-component” available since larevel 8.X but its not rendered in html so im wondering if its supported by sage 10.

@foreach($posts_type as $post_type)

                    <div class="search-row">
                        @foreach($search[$post_type] as $p)
                            <x-dynamic-component :component="$post_type"/>


Result in html :

<x-dynamic-component :component="$post_type"/>                               

Thanks in advance.

Dynamic components are working for me with Sage 10 + Acorn 2.1.2.

What version of Acorn are you using?

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I realized it was because of bad syntax, i tried to pass dynamic attributes and it didnt recognized it so it i got an output in html.

Nothing more, x dynamic component work fine on sage 10.