Issue with purgeCSS with tailwind and Sage 9.0.10

I’m starting a new sage project with Tailwind, but I’ve issues when I’m trying to install purgecss-webpack-plugin

What I did :

composer create-project roots/sage
yarn && yarn build

I had those errors, but I ran the joshuafredrickson solution :

yarn add autoprefixer@^9.8.6 -D
yarn add postcss-loader@~3.0.0 -D

So far, so good. My project works.

Then, I want to use PurgeCSS, and I follow this guide, but when I run yarn add --dev purgecss-webpack-plugin , I have this error and I’m stuck with it…:

error An unexpected error occurred: “could not find a copy of webpack to link in /path_to_my_project/node_modules/purgecss-webpack-plugin/node_modules”.

I tried several fixes, bu nothing works… Can someone help me installing purgecss ?
Thanks a lot !!

I solved my installation. issue : I changed my webpack version inside my package.json from "webpack": "~3.10.0" to "webpack": "^3.0.0"

It seems that the version 3.12 fixed this issue…

But I have another issue : the yarn build:production command is not working anymore : I’ve got this error
TypeError: Cannot read property 'compilation' of undefined

Any idea ?

Ok… so you need to run yarn add --dev purgecss-webpack-plugin@0.23.0, it’s the only version that works…

To sum up (if this can help someone…)

if you want to install purges with the latest sage 9.0.10 version, you should run

yarn add --dev webpack@~3.12.0
yarn add --dev purgecss-webpack-plugin@0.23.0

then do some changes into webpack.config.optimize.js but you can find details here and here

It’s not very straightforward, and documentation should be improved…


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