Issue with "vagrant up" and php repository

I’m running an older version of trellis (the’s latest date reads “April 10th, 2016”), along with about ~40 other clients that have been set up in the past. I’m attempting to spin up my dev environment to do some work, and up until this point I haven’t had any problems. This time however (and I’ve verified with some other roots projects) I’m running into this problem:

TASK [php : Install PHP 7.0] ***************************************************
System info:
  Ansible; Darwin
  Trellis at "Fix #612 - Bump nginx_fastcgi_buffer_size to `8k`"
No package matching 'php7.0-cli' is available
failed: [default] (item=[u'php7.0-cli', u'php7.0-common', u'php7.0-curl', u'php7.0-dev', u'php7.0-fpm', u'php7.0-gd', u'php7.0-mbstring', u'php7.0-mcrypt', u'php7.0-mysql', u'php7.0-opcache', u'php7.0-xml', u'php7.0-xmlrpc', u'php7.0-zip']) => {"failed": true, "item": ["php7.0-cli", "php7.0-common", "php7.0-curl", "php7.0-dev", "php7.0-fpm", "php7.0-gd", "php7.0-mbstring", "php7.0-mcrypt", "php7.0-mysql", "php7.0-opcache", "php7.0-xml", "php7.0-xmlrpc", "php7.0-zip"]}

I attempted to ssh into the vagrant machine, confirmed the “ondrej/php” ppa was added, and attempted to install php7.0 manually myself. 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 are all failing.

I tried a new trellis version that we have for a different client and it spins up fine. Before I go ahead and spend time on some technical debt that I really don’t have time to pay right now and upgrade our clients trellis versions I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone else is having this issue.

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