Issues importing a Vue 3 Google Maps library

I’m new to Sage, and Vue for that matter.

I’d like to use this Vue Google Maps library on a Sage 10 site I’m building for a client.

I’ve gotten bud-vue installed and working, but I’m struggling with the next step.

import VueGoogleMaps from '@fawmi/vue-google-maps'

Now first up, I need to prepend that path with ../../node_modules/. This is what I did to get Vue working.

Then, when I run yarn build, the compiler throws the following error:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '../../node_modules/@fawmi/vue-google-maps' in 'REDACTED/wp-content/themes/REDACTED/resources/scripts'

Did you mean 'main.js'?

BREAKING CHANGE: The request '../../node_modules/@fawmi/vue-google-maps' failed to resolve only because it was resolved as fully specified

(probably because the origin is strict EcmaScript Module, e. g. a module with javascript mimetype, a '*.mjs' file, or a '*.js' file where the package.json contains '"type": "module"').

The extension in the request is mandatory for it to be fully specified.

Add the extension to the request.

(Use `node --trace-uncaught ...` to show where the exception was thrown)

It looks like it want needs to be pointed to a specific file.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!

I’m facing the same issue, did u solve it !!!