It's been a while

So I’ve been off gallivanting in JAMstack land for a few years. I fell in love with Eleventy, Sanity and Netlify.

Now I have reason to get back into some WordPress development and I’m in the process of switching over to using Trellis-CLI. I have two questions:

  1. Is there anything I need to know about moving from old fashioned Trellis to Trellis-CLI?

I’m hoping it’s just a case of integrating it with bash and running init in the trellis directory of each site.

  1. What is the best way to handle simple custom Gutenberg blocks with Roots? Is everyone using ACF?


Another question.

I’ve installed Trellis CLI on my Ubuntu desktop (22.04).

When I run

trellis check

I see the following:


[X] Python [>= 3.8.0]: 2.7.18

I have python 3.8.10 installed as python3.
Is there a way I can tell Trellis-CLI to use python3 instead of python?

  1. Not 100% but sounds right.

  2. I think a really good way, if not the best is using GitHub - Log1x/acf-composer: Compose ACF Fields, Blocks, Widgets, and Option Pages with ACF Builder on Sage 10 to generate blocks.

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I need to update that check command since it only runs python. Since trellis (and the CLI) required Python 3 now, it should run python3 so I’ll update it.

You can just ignore that though since every thing else should work fine and use python3.

Not really. Just try and use trellis-cli for every Ansible related command!

If you’re using an existing project then make sure to also run trellis init in the project first.

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That’s what I need. Thanks!

It works, thanks Scott.

Trellis-cli is really impressive. Juggling ansible versions was a pain point before and now that’s all abstracted away. I can see that you guys have been busy.

Now to get the Digital Ocean integration working.


I’m really impressed with Trellis-cli. I particularly like the shell integration, it works flawlessly.
Great work!

I thought I would try the default config and have a go using Vagrant for my local development setup, but soon remembered why I prefer LXD! I decided to try to use the dev.yml script to provision my container but I have a problem with users. Is it possible to specify which user is used to ssh into the development environment? I read that the group_vars/all/users.yml file is only used by server.yml.

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