Jhint error on gulp watch - SOLVED

Hi there,

my gulp watch was not working throwing errors about the jshint module missing altough it wasnt missing (gulp alone was working).
After some tries with rm -rf node_modules and re-installing the modules, I realized that during npm install i was receiving warnings about my node version being too low. I checked and it was 0.10-something, but not enough for a few of the dependencies.

After updating node to the latest (via npm btw), npm install didnt throw any warnings and gulp watch now works like a charm.

It would be awesome if you update your docs (this took me some time to figure out) with the minimum requirements for node to be a lil more than 0.10 (cant remember the exact number and its already out of my history :frowning: ), but I know that you ll be certainly fine with v0.10.25…


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