JS assets from plugin not loading

Hi all, I’m using Sage 10 to display custom post types and will ultimately sort/filter the results using FacetWP (https://facetwp.com). I have my CPT template working and the custom post type is showing along with FacetWP template code (so I know the plugin is doing something).

However, the JS FacetWP uses to generate and display the facets is nowhere to be found. It’s not giving a 404 or anything. Do I need to load the plugin assets into my yarn config somehow? Is there a way to make Sage aware of plugins that affect the UI?

Sage doesn’t interfere with typical plugin behavior by default. Have you tried FacetWP’s troubleshooting guide?


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I figured it out. The wp_footer() hook was missing from my layout so the scripts were never loaded from the plugin to the page.