Keeping private plugin repositories up to date


I maintain multiple Bedrock-based WordPress websites. Some of these require premium plugins, but the update process is very cumbersome in my opinion.
For 10+ premium plugins, I need to:

  1. Pull my private repository
  2. Visit the premium plugin website & download the new version
  3. Replace the old source code in my repo
  4. Add all new files & commit the changes
  5. Push my changes
  6. Tag the release

Is there any way to make this process less time-consuming? I am thinking about two possible solutions:

  1. Private website with all premium plugins
  • Set up a new, private website and install all my premium plugins
  • Enable automatic updates
  • Periodically run a script that copies plugin code to my repository and automatically tags a new release if there are changes
  1. Create a bash script that performs all the steps (1-6). I have done some research, and the only problem would be the expiration date of download links. I am able to download extentions from WooCommerce, but I need to provide a cookie, which expires in 14 days, so I would need to manually refresh that cookie every 2 weeks.

Any ideas?

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Check out How to add a Pro Plugin to Bedrock?

I had read a lot of posts which mentioned satispress, but I didn’t read the documentation thoroughly. I set up a central package server which contains all my premium plugins and this works like a charm. Thanks!

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