Kinsta Hosting with roots

Hi, question to anyone using Kinsta Hosting with a roots Trellis/Bedrock set-up.

Wondering what they’re support is like when you need to do things like updating Trellis for example. I understand they’re platform supports roots etc, but wondering how far their tech support will go with actually helping make any trellis/bedrock based changes at all.

I’ve sent them a message asking the above too but would be good to hear from people using them as a host currently too.

Could you be more specific? In a Kinsta context Trellis only does two things:

  1. Deploy to remote servers
  2. Spin up & provision local servers

You can’t use Trellis to provision or manage Kinsta’s servers; you just use it to deploy.

The only Bedrock-related change I’ve needed tech support on Kinsta for is changing the document root, and all that’s require is a quick message to support.

I would imagine that they would be of less help in troubleshooting some problems with Bedrock installs since that’s not really their responsibility; they provide the server, but don’t really manage the software on it. They give you SSH access with nearly all (maybe all at this point?) plans, so any just about any Bedrock-based changes you need to make, you should be able to do yourself.

I have used Kinsta for multiple Trellis installs, on sites both bigger (half million visits p/month) and tiny (hundreds p/month).
Here is a list of things they have helped me with when needed:

  • Updating the document root
  • Helping me understand how to purge individual page caches via get requests
  • Modify SSL rules for redirects per domain to work
  • Check on DB instances for remnants of incorrect urls
  • Troubleshoot staging to live deploys
  • Troubleshoot terminal output when the issue was my fault (wrong or missing key/values in vault or host configs)

Some of these things i could do myself, but it’s nice to know when I have to juggle, they are ready to help.

I moved the majority of my work from WP Engine after I found their help desk getting slower and slower and having to ‘escalate’ the issue up the chain (note: to be clear there are very talented people at WP Engine, and they have better than average service, it just became less consistent that you would get a great tech on support)

The SSH access and Remote DB access along with a sane deployment compared to the flaky git based deploys of WP engine helped make the switch (along with some other issues with their ‘secret sauce’ caching on files pushed from live/staging that were deal breakers).

I have nothing but good things to say about the Kinsta team and their willingness to help with admittedly Trellis related issues.

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