Kinsta Sync Script fails


Massive thanks to everyone involved with Roots, loving it so far!

I’ve got a trellis/bedrock/sage setup, deployed to kinsta fine but struggling to get the kinsta sync script to work to push the database up.

It fails at wp "@$FROM" db export - | wp "@$TO" db import - &&

I get the following error:

bash: line 0: cd: /srv/www/ No such file or directory
Error: This does not seem to be a WordPress installation.
Pass --path=`path/to/wordpress` or run `wp core download`.
Success: Imported from 'STDIN'.
Error: The site you have requested is not installed.
Run `wp core install` to create database tables.

Any help much appreciated!

IIRC the directory that your current site is in on Kinsta is actually public/current not current. I’m not sure where you’re specifying the URL, but maybe you can change it?

Kinsta also has some issues w/ running WP-CLI commands from not-directly-in-the-WP-folder locations, because the version of WP-CLI that Kinsta has configured assumes that WP is in a location that it isn’t in w/ Bedrock. Fortunately IME you can fix this pretty easily by creating ~/wp-cli.yml and adding the following line:

path: public/current/web/wp

The script connects okay to the kinsta database as it’s able to export it and reset it, it’s at the point where it tries to upload the local db that it fails, so i assumed it would be a problem with the local path.

For instance I can run wp @production plugin list successfully, so safe to assume that WP CLI is running okay?

My @development alias is as the given example:

  ssh: vagrant@sitename.test:/srv/www/

Okay seems my development db credentials are not working as wp db export gives Access denied.

Will try and solve this

I have run into the same issue, did you manage to resolve this?

school boy error… had not set up the development wordpress_site.yml correctly…