Lack of meaningful SCSS error messages in Sage 9

Having built a few themes with sage 8 I’m just getting started with the latest Sage 9 beta 4.

I like a lot of things about it but something that irks me is the seeming lack of clear of error messages in SCSS.

A few examples:

a) I forgot to add a line break to the end of a SCSS file. yarn run build fails without any meaningful error message (there’s a fix to display proper error messages, described here: Yarn build: “Failed because of a stylelint error”)

b) in a SCSS file, I added an @extend statement with a typo, i. e. to a class that does not actually exist. yarn run build fails with “command failed with exit code 2” - nothing helpful.

Obviously in a larger project this could be hellish to debug.

Am I missing something obvious here? Is there a flag to get more verbose error messages?


OK, answering my own question after digging in recent commits - this is already fixed in master.