Languages installed via not selectable in wp admin

Trying to install a separate language for my new wp site using @Koodimonni instructions on Tried both the instructions on the page (e.g. dropping languages in htdocs/wp-content/languages) and what I figured would be the bedrock version:

    "dropin-paths": {
      "web/app/languages/": ["vendor:koodimonni-language"],
      "web/app/languages/plugins/": ["vendor:koodimonni-plugin-language"],
      "web/app/languages/themes/": ["vendor:koodimonni-theme-language"]

However, no matter what I do the languages won’t show up in wordpress admin. Anyone got this working as of late?

I had to add a finalize-after deploy-hook for this:

# Hook for updating installed wordpress languages
- name: Update WP installed languages
  command: wp language core update
    chdir: "{{ deploy_helper.current_path }}"

I also added the languages folder as a shared folder in group_vars/all/main.yml:

  - path: web/app/uploads
    src: uploads
  - path: web/app/languages
    src: languages

This may also be interesting:

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