Laravel HTTP client dependency not included in Acorn

I have a Roots Bedrock + Acorn 4 project.

I was attempting to use the Laravel HTTP Client facade in an API endpoint controller. Whenever it reached the line where I made the request, the client received a 500 server error response and nothing else in the function ran.

I eventually figured out this was a silent error caused by not having the guzzlehttp/guzzle package installed.

I created a reproducible example using a regular Laravel project to make sure it didn’t have something to do with my project setup or Acorn. The behavior is exactly the same.

It seems this package is normally bundled with Laravel, but not with Acorn. Considering neither my intellisense in VSCode nor error logs showed anything was wrong, this doesn’t seem like desirable behavior.

Is there a reason guzzlehttp/guzzle isn’t included with Acorn by default?

Laravel typically includes Guzzle in the skeleton so I think it was just overlooked. Feel free to open a PR to Acorn adding it as a dependency – it shouldn’t be an issue to get it added in.

I submitted a pull request to add the package to Acorn:

The PR has now been merged so this should no longer be an issue.