Laravel Valet and Bedrock Multisite

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Valet is a great tool for local development environments on macOS. We’ve previously written about setting up Valet and Bedrock. Here are some steps for setting up Valet with a Bedrock multisite WordPress installation: Subdomain installs wp valet new bedrock-multisite --project=bedrock Add to config/application.php in Bedrock: define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true); Visit https://bedrock-multisite.test/wp/wp-admin/network.php to install network, select subdomain…


I use valet-plus , try to use multisite with subdirectories. Placed the local driver in ~/.valet/Drivers but it seems the driver is not recognized…?

Looks like the custom Drivers path should be: ~/.config/valet/Drivers/

(before v2.1.0 Valet drivers path was at ~/.valet/Drivers/)

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Already posted this on the BedrockMultisiteDriver.php gist - thought it wouldn’t hurt to duplicate here in case someone else suffers from the same issue.

I don’t know if it’s just my setup or a newer version of Valet? But I had to rename this file to BedrockMultisiteValetDriver.php for it to autoload at all.

As per the valet docs following the FrameworkValetDriver.php naming convention.

Once you have completed your custom Valet driver, place it in the ~/.config/valet/Drivers directory using the FrameworkValetDriver.php naming convention. For example, if you are writing a custom valet driver for WordPress, your file name should be WordPressValetDriver.php.

Anyways hope this helps someone else!

Hi there,
Have recently managed to make it work?

I’m struggling a bit. Is it because I shoudl edit my nginx conf for Valet?