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Learndash Modules added on page not showing at frontend


I am using Aida theme with Learndash plugin. Which is basically using Sage theme structure.

Learndash templates were not working before but I created the templates as per community guidelines and managed to show content using wp actions.

Now, I was adding Learndash modules through WP editor but it is not rendering the content at frontend

Please help me to fix this issue?


Can you provide more information please? This sounds like an issue with the plug-in. What makes you think this is an issue with Sage?

What community guidelines?

What do you mean by this? Can you provide some code examples?

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I added templates in theme’s views folder for learndash post types and created custom actions (using add_action and do_action) to call/render learndash courses content, custom action is having plugin code which is rendering single lesson, courses list, and other course content.

Now, content is not rendering in wp pages, where I want to list my lessons/courses using wp blocks (Screenshot attached in my question)


Can you please check this once?