Leaving /assets/scripts/main.js unminified?

I’m in a bit of a funny situation where I’m using a third party library (Freewall.js) and the script used to declare it doesn’t work if the code is minified. I’ve reported the issue over at https://github.com/kombai/freewall/issues/181 which has the full story but I thought I’d throw a question out here to see if I can properly work around it.

I’d like to still use the JSUglify minifier in Gulpfile.js to compress all of the ordinary JS files that are fetched from Bower, but I’d like to keep /assets/scripts/main.js unminified.

Does anyone know how to achieve that? That would mean the delcarations for Freewall will still work, while I can still enjoy minified JS elsewhere, and I don’t have to delcare Freewall seperately in footer.php as I documented in the issue above.

Have you tried initiating the script with window.Freewall instead of just Freewall?

Champion! That did the job.

But is there a way to unminify the compiled script?

www.unminify.com - but the results may vary so it’s not best practice.