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Left field - multiple sites - not wordpress

ok a bit left field, but I’m using Trellis to provision and deploy a laravel app and a couchdb proxy

I’m running into weirdness when i try and create multiple sites - if I do a single site, everything works… if I do multiple it chokes around Letencrypt…

Each site is independent so I would expect letencrypt to do two certs, but instead it just crashes and burns… I’m not sure if this is because both fqdn point to the same IP?

for teh record I got this error…

Could not access the challenge file for the hosts/domains: XXXXXX.
Let's Encrypt requires every domain/host be publicly accessible. Make sure
that a valid DNS record exists for XXXXX and that they point to
this server's IP. If you don't want these domains in your SSL certificate,
then remove them from `site_hosts`. See for
more details.

doing Let's Encrypt issue when adding new domain to multisite resulted in nginx complaining that it could not find a cert…

Any ideas?

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