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Lets encrypt Agreement URL is is November 2017 - Any change needed?

When provisioning an existing server and enabling SSL, I’m getting an error that has already been reported about the Agreement URL not matching…which was fixed in Pull request #624. The previous fix updated a commit hash to the acme repository IIRC.

TODAY (November 15th 2017), i saw a post announcing a change was made and that agreement URLs should not be hardcoded. I cant find the link now sorry! The error I’m getting is on the "TASK [letsencrypt : Generate the certificates]:] does not match current agreement URL []

Have I missed something, or is a small tweak needed to trellis to fix this?

Yes, looks like there is a problem. I couldn’t figure out so far. But created an issue on Github

Thanks - identical error that I’m getting too.

Another useful link announcing the change :

I made a PR with the appropriate commit update from acme-tiny:


PR was merged. Thanks everyone :clap:


WHEW! Okay. I updated 25 sites with this fix so far. 10 more to go.

Do I win?


someone give this man a cookie!

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Just because I had to look it up myself today: If you want to just run the Let’s Encrypt Trellis tasks (instead of a full re-provision) you can use tags to do just that:

ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=production --tags "letsencrypt"

Same error is happening on my website

Anybody up for the help ?

Trellis doesn’t produce errors like that in the WordPress GUI. Are you using a Let’s Encrypt plugin here? If so, we can’t support that plugin on this forum.