Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice Inbox

Just received an email from Let’s Encrypt that just one of my subdomain domains certificates were going to expire soon. But no email about any of the other same domains that certificates should’ve been generated for.

I can go deploy again to generate new certificates but will I just run into this issue regularly? Would rather fix it…

Trellis doesn’t pass any email addresses to LE when dealing with certificates. How did LE send you that email? Is it possible that you used something other than Trellis to setup a LE cert for that subdomain?

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Here’s a random guess: Maybe you registered your account key for that one domain, e.g., with something like https://gethttpsforfree.com/ as mentioned in the SSL docs. It looks like that registration requests an account email.

Oh that is curious then… I know this is one I was struggling to get setup originally (multisite with .com.au domains) but recent updates to Trellis fixed all that. Hoping it’s safe to ignore then.

Perhaps I did try creating one manually while attempting to fix the site… I’m prone to experiments.

In my experience the first domain you sign up with is the one they mark as expiring even if the certificate is for multiple subdomains on the same server.

I would just create a cron job that will auto renew the certificate monthly. Not sure you’re flavor or OS or Apache/NGINX, but DigitalOcean has the commands to setup the cron job.

Yeah if it was a manually created certificate I’d do it but I think this was one I created and didn’t use.