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Lets Encrypt On Staging Server that has port 80 restricted

Hi i am having a problem when i try to deploy or re-provision my staging server which is not public to the world (port 80), but only can accessible by certain IP’s (our in-house team) . Since i have made that change i am getting the error:

Could not access the challenge file for the hosts/domains:, Let’s Encrypt requires

every domain/host be publicly accessible. Make sure that a valid DNS record

exists for, and that they

point to this server’s IP. If you don’t want these domains in your SSL

certificate, then remove them from site_hosts. See for more details.

I know this is cause I restricted port 80… What is the best way to go about running a staging server with an ssl, while maintaining limited access to the staging server from the rest of the world?

Thanks! is an option

Perfect! Thanks Ben.

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