Life of a Front-end WordPress Request


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Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you hit a URL on a WordPress website? Here’s the very simplified version of the story: WordPress environment is loaded (core, plugins, theme) WordPress looks at URL and builds some query arguments based on it Obtained query arguments are used to run a \WP_Query (known as "main…

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What a great article, thanks!

Just a note, all your routing images are broken on Safari atm.


This is a great write up and explanation of the WordPress query parser and front end routes.


Thanks to both of you. And I think images should be fixed now.


Great article, I love the breakdown of of how the WordPress parser works. Thanks man.


Really good stuff! More stuff like this please :slight_smile:


@gmazzap Awesome …
This is one of the best article I read ever. It clear lot of things… Thanks a lot.


So many WP articles are jokey and condescending and often inaccurate. But this is a superb article, beautifully and intelligently written, explaining how WP parses a request and how to tap into that. Thank you very much!