Lima issues


I’ve been using Lima for a few months now on a M1 Mac, I want to carry on using it but i’m finding it increasingly temperamental. I have to keep deleting the vm and recreating it which makes local development a real pain.

Typically i’m experieincing:

  • Database connection refused issues randomly while using the site ( Warning : mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/2002): Connection refused in /srv/www/ on line 2019)
  • DB errors displayed while the site still works but then causing issues with page editors loading etc
  • Trellis vm start getting stuck on stage 1 of 3

Sometimes restarting my computer solves it, sometimes I have to destroy the site and start again.

Any ideas of what I can do to solve these issues? I’m using the latest versions of Lima and Trellis CLI.


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Facing the same issues

For me, seems to intermittently, and fairly frequently, stall out… to the point of being unusable. Something with my network, perhaps.

Perhaps interesting update. I had a few Trellis/Lima projects going, and each had a ~/.lima/ file that with a size (at least according to Mac Cmd-i) of 107.37 GB. What?!?!