Limit menu depth to 1 in the admin panel

A while back I found a rather useful function for limiting the menu depth in the admin panel to 1-deep.

I just put the jquery in ./assets/js/limit-menu-depth.js and the accompany code in functions.php.

Now, I’m not sure how to implement this in Sage 10 and even less sure what would be the best practice.

I have jquery code, I want it to load only while logged into the admin panel only. How/where does this fit into webpack.mix.js? Also how would I rewrite this code in ./app/setup.php?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For convenience that code is:

 * Limit max menu depth in admin panel 

function limit_admin_menu_depth($hook)
    if ($hook != 'nav-menus.php') return;

    wp_register_script('limit-admin-menu-depth', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/admin/limit-menu-depth.js', array(), '1.0.0', true);
            'primary' => 1, // <-- Set your menu location and max depth here
            'footer' => 0 // <-- Add as many as you like
add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'limit_admin_menu_depth' );

and the js

 * Limit max menu depth in admin panel
 * Expects wp_localize_script to have set an object of menu locations
 * in the shape of { location: maxDepth, location2: maxDepth2 }
 * e.g var menu-depths = {"primary":"1","footer":"0"};
(function ($) {
    // Get initial maximum menu depth, so that we may restore to it later.
    var initialMaxDepth = wpNavMenu.options.globalMaxDepth;

    function setMaxDepth() {
        // Loop through each of the menu locations
        $.each(myMenuDepths, function (location, maxDepth) {
            if (
                $('#locations-' + location).prop('checked') &&
                maxDepth < wpNavMenu.options.globalMaxDepth
            ) {
                // If this menu location is checked
                // and if the max depth for this location is less than the current globalMaxDepth
                // Then set globalMaxDepth to the max depth for this location
                wpNavMenu.options.globalMaxDepth = maxDepth;

    // Run the function once on document ready

    // Re-run the function if the menu location checkboxes are changed
    $('.menu-theme-locations input').on('change', function () {
        wpNavMenu.options.globalMaxDepth = initialMaxDepth;

My two cents here: This seems to be a very admin-specific feature, separate from site and theme logic.
It may make sense to put this code into a plugin, e.g. admin-menu-deph-limiter.

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It would be cool to limit the admin’s menu depth to what you’ve designed your theme to support though…

That would be cool! But I don’t know how. In the meantime, I’ve implemented it as a plugin as per starsis’ suggestion. It works for now!

Creating a WordPress plugin is very simple. It is basically just a PHP file with some plugin-specific meta data (PHP comments).

Hey sabelapaulo,

Not sure if you use Intervention but I really liked the idea of adding this feature.

So in the config, to apply to all menus;

wp-admin.all.appearance.menus.max-depth => 1,

or for a specific menu (this will override the above value for this menu only if both are declared);

wp-admin.all.appearance.menus.max-depth.primary => 1,

Documented over here.


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