List of Wordpress themes based on Roots

Is there a place where are listed Wordpress themes based on Roots?

I’m not aware of one. This thread has examples of sites built with Roots. Roots is normally used as a starter theme for custom development jobs. I don’t think there are many widely distributed themes that use Roots as a base, and I highly doubt that there are any in the WP Theme Repo, because the Theme Review team isn’t usually super keen on Roots stuff…

There’s definitely Roots based themes that exist on, along with lots of commercial themes based on Roots that are sold on places like ThemeForest.

I also wouldn’t say that the theme review team isn’t keen on Roots stuff, when it’s been our own decision to not support things like the ‘required’ CSS.

Oops. Sorry if I spoke too soon! <3


So @benword why not to make a thread like
with all the themes from, ThemeForest etc. based on Roots?

Do you already know for some themes?

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We are about to release a set of themes to Themeforest that are based on Roots, I would be curious to know what pitfalls or what they deem “bad practices” so I can prep for any fallout. Any notes or experiences from anyone?

@benword - what “required” css do you speak of?

At the top of the live examples thread it says “Please don’t share any themes that you’re selling” — we won’t be linking to or promoting [paid] themes based on Roots here.

There’s also way too many, this is an example of what’s on public GitHub repos where people haven’t modified function names:


You can also search the ThemeForest forum for Roots, I’ve seen a few different threads over there about it

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