listStyleType not activating in Sage w/ TailwindCSS


I’m trying to use list-none in my Sage theme with TailwindCSS and it’s not including the proper listStyleType variant so it won’t register as a CSS class to apply to my HTML elements.

I have added the following into Tailwind’s Config inside of Sage:

listStyleType: {
    none: 'none',
    disc: 'disc',
    decimal: 'decimal',

Inside of the Tailwind Config as well as the following code under modules:

listStylePosition: ['responsive'],
listStyleType: ['responsive'],

When trying to update to a later Tailwind version it ends up giving me a bunch of errors on build so I reverted back but how would I accomplish correctly adding these specific styles that come with Tailwind into this Sage Tailwind config?

Thanks guys

Ah ok I believe it’s related to this:

@knowler’s assistance here, while not a fix, should help to solve this issue

Just run composer update roots/sage-installer , then manually run the preset CLI:

php ./vendor/bin/sage preset

Solved it for me