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Post up your sites that use Roots in here! Please don’t share any themes that you’re selling.

This is a continuation of the old thread on the Google Group.

Showcase of Sage-based Websites?
Base wrapper with fullwidth elements and sidebar with DRY

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A few of my sites developed with Roots:

Association of Teachers of Singing | Seriously Social (my blog)

Cheadle Geeks (had fun with the letters- press the speaker on the right and you’ll hear my kids saying the letters)


Hey I have many themes built with Roots. You can check it out.

My personal Site:
The App Factory:
Makan Autos:

I have many more, but they are not public yet.


Here There are even more:

Aquatic Center:
Don Arturo:


Ben and everyone who has contributed to this theme - thank you! It’s exciting to see the community maturing and I’m really liking the new site.

Here’s a site we did for MeetingResult (iPad app) more to come…


Here are a couple I built using Roots:


…and my portfolio site:

Looking forward to building many more sites with Roots!


These sites were all built with the latests version of Roots at that time. I’m a Roots user for a long time :smiley: :

From oldest to more recent:

I’m sure I still forgot some, but these are the ones that pop in my mind right away.

Update: as a new user I can only post 4 links, I had over 20 links in my first post :smiley: .


Some sites I’ve made with Roots:

And my personal site, which I should take some more time on… but it’s also Roots:


Tried to make a kind of one-page layout:


You can make multiple posts!


First go at the newest Roots release. Verdict so far. I LOVE IT. Great job! I recommend this to anyone I know building custom themes.

Wired PR Group Website



Site looks great. Fantastic transitions and animations.


Thanks – it was a lot of fun. Wired PR looks really good.



Brazilian Event Prouction Company:


Yes, we all know what clients do to sites, hahahahahha… not actually very funny though.


My first roots site a one-pager with gravity forms. Customizing Gravity Forms took most work


I’ve got some sites running earlier versions of roots before BS3.

Here’s a few I’ve built (new to old) - not my design, just my development: (absolutely the most beautiful and custom site I’ve done to date)