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Cheshire Joinery

Sage 9, Tachyons, Kinsta.

Marple Physio

This was our final Sage 8 project from late last year.

Sage 8, Tachyons, Kinsta.

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Built on Sage 9 with UiKit.

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My first one for a museum night event last march.

Full Roots Stack, Pretty happy with the outcome. Sage 9 in combination with the events calendar was a struggle to set up, so it took a little bit too mutch time. :sweat_smile:

Built on Sage (w/ Composers!) & Bedrock, w/ Trellis deploying to Kinsta. I did the back end and 80% or so of the front end.


Nice - this loads pretty much instantly in the UK

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Awesome, glad to hear it!

Loads super fast in AU. Nice work, would you ever considered using the menu burger for tablet as well as mobile? The menu items look a little crowded in the tablet to desktop. Just a thought. Look’s great tho.

Our final Sage 8 project:

Developed with Sage9

Recently launched, built with Sage 9:

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I built this with Sage 9:

Managed to get Barba.js working for page transitions as well!

Here a new one use sage

Didn’t know this existed, will give it a go! Thanks :wink:

Very nice job. The design is good and you even used lazy loading for the images!

Here is a site I finished recently.

WordPress hosting provider in the Netherlands:

Build with bedrock and sage!

Here are a few websites we have made:

All made with Sage 9!