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Posted the holding page awhile back. Now the real thing launches.

Single biggest, most complex website I’ve ever developed. Could not have done this without Roots.

Edit: Built in around four weeks.


Sage 8.5.1.
No CSS framework.



Darling Downs Brick Sales

Full Roots stack + WooCommerce


Here’s a clean one we launched a little while ago:


Nice Julien. Great design and well executed :slight_smile:


Just launched this one:

Full roots stack w/ sage9 (no CSS framework).


This is great. How are you creating the complex layouts? Is it all ACF? I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve always found myself wedged into a corner with layouts; as soon as I create some rules, my designers want to add more images here, or more text there, or swap these two elements around.

Do you just stick to really rigid designs? Man I would love that…


Thanks! :slight_smile:

The layouts do rely heavily on ACF, especially Repeater fields. By the time a site is handed off to me for development at our agency, the design is set–any pages that require specific layout have been specifically designed, so I know exactly what to build. The design process that leads up to that is very involved, so it’s extremely rare that a designer wants major changes during the design Q/A phase at the end of development–usually it’s just typeface adjustments and small changes to layout. I also try and build everything to be as flexible as possible (within reason), and try and to keep everything I consider “content” in WordPress so it’s editable: All the images and nearly all of the text you see on that site is user-editable from the backend.

Beyond that, if anyone starts suggesting major changes once we’re deep into development I just get grumpy and start talking about “timelines” and “budget” and “tradeoffs” and usually that quiets them down.


Launched three websites (last 2 with the company I work for) this year with the full Roots stack I would like to share: (with Timber) (also with Timber) (with Blade)

I have to say I was quit skeptical about Blade in the beginning (like all new things), but I love the clean separation of data and markup with the Sober WP controller. It has won me over from Timber.

Nice work @withjacoby, thanks!


Recently launched with Sage 8.x


Two (not so recent…) sites I’ve made starting from roots/sage:


My first site built with Trellis + Bedrock + Sage 8.x

Kanga Pest Control


Hi !

Here is my new portfolio !
Created with Bedrock and Sage 8, hope you will like ! :slight_smile:


C’est beau! :clap:

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Launched an updated version of my own site.

It’s not on Sage, but is on Trellis/Bedrock. I purposefully wanted to build the bare-bones-est theme I could for my site. But all the sites I’ve featured run the full stack!


Long time lurker. Some of these were done a while back. I’m still on the 8.5.x versions of Sage. - BS4 - BS3.3 - BS3.3


Launched this one this week. Sage 9 + Tachyons + ACF.

#383 on Sage 8.x



What are you using to load each page without refresh?