Live preview not working in WPENGINE

Is there any fix for the live preview to work on live servers? It is working perfectly on our localhost but not on our server. I tried to contact wpengine regarding this and told me that it is caused by the theme that does not exist (pointing to [theme]/resources/ instead of [theme]/). He also told me that installing a plugin might fix the issue. Any idea of a plugin that can help?

Thanks in advance.

WPEngine disables revisions by default. Sometimes (many times) that prevents live previews.

If you’re talking about Customizer previews, Sage prevents these by default because the structure of Sage makes previews behave strangely or not at all. Better to hide them than to show an incorrect preview, the team thinks.

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Apparently what I just said here might be wrong. I know it was true once upon a time!

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