Live reload not working when wordpress site is not on the root directory

I’ working on a new Wordpress website. I’m using the latest Sage 10 beta 2 as a starter theme, and my wordpress site is located on a second level directory. something like: http://localhost/~user/website/.

I adjusted bud.config.js to set the proxy to my local host name:


When i run yarn dev I have to open a URL like this on my web browser to see the live dev version of my site/theme: http://localhost:3000/~user/website. The problem is that when I make changes to my stylesheets, these changes are not live-reloaded on the web browser. Instead I see these messages on the browser’s developer tools console:

GET http://localhost:3000/~user/ 404 (Not Found)
[HMR] Cannot find update (Full reload needed)
[HMR] (Probably because of restarting the server)

So, the page is trying to load the hot-update JSON file from /~user/ directory, but that file is not there. If I remove the directory from that URL to: http://localhost:3000/ and open it on a new tab, it works (the JSON file loads on the tab).

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