Livereload with vagrant on OSX

Does anyone have livereload working with a vagrant box under OSX? I swear I had this working at some point but the browser extension just errors with:

Could not connect to LiveReload server. Please make sure that LiveReload 2.3 (or later) or another compatible server is running.

I’ve tried both browser extensions (livereload and the remote variant). Vagrant box is running Ubuntu 14.04. Roots version is 7.0.3. I’m running grunt watch while ssh’d into the vagrant box. livereload is set to true in gruntfile.js

I can telnet to port 35729 on the vagrant box but not from my OSX host so I’m guessing that is the issue but am not sure how to resolve. Do I need to set up an SSH tunnel?

I re-provisioned with another port pair of 35729 and did sudo ufw enable 35729. One or both of those did the trick!