Local Bedrock Development with Local by Flywheel

because site.conf has been replaced by site.conf.hbs, you’re going to want to replace root {{root }}; with root “PWD”, where PWD is the path to your web folder within the bedrock project. So for me on a mac, this looks like: “/Users/Gray/Local Sites/bedrock/app/bedrock/web”;

I hope that helps clear things up.

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I’m 3 years late, but this is still the correct answer. :slight_smile:


I found out that you doon’t have to chnge completly the “{{root}}” variable on documentRoot.
You can just add “/web” which now become {{root}}/web.
Tested and working on site.conf and site.conf.hbs.

Hope it helps newcomers.

This method doesn’t seem to be working for me. Am I correct that the code should look like

server {
	listen {{port}};
    root   "{{root}}/web";

Replacing with the static path works.

for those confused with latest version of Local, here’s what I did:

remove existing ‘public’ directory
composer create-project roots/bedrock
rename bedrock directory to public

edit site.conf.hbs, changing root "{{root}}"; to root "{{root}}/web";

restart local