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I’ve followed this guide here and am getting a blank page when visiting https://bedrock.local.

Vanilla WP was working fine, but following the steps to add bedrock produced the error.

Things I’ve done:

  1. Configured the the nginx conf file site.conf.hbs with the full path to my root directory
  2. Checked web/wp to see if it looks like a full wp site (it does)

Does anyone know what might be the problem? This is my first time using bedrock and I really wanted it to work!

  1. Double check root in the nginx conf file is using the path within the docker image (as oppsite to the full path on your machine)
  2. Check error log. Paste the error here if any
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To piggyback off of @TangRufus, for me , the site.conf.hbs config path looks like this:

I’ve moved my Local config out of the Root, but this will help you get an idea of the path you need to start from (almost always “/Users/your_name”).

server {
    listen {{port}};
        root   "/Users/****/Desktop/Work/Local Sites/site_name/app/web/"; 
        # Again, I've moved my 'Local Sites' folder. 

Other than that, I’d check your /config files, maybe? They can be a problem at times.

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