.local TLD slower than others

This may sound stupid but it’s driving me crazy!

I set all fine with trellis + bedrock + sage(9), but…, if I use let’s say something.local as local domain and I run yarn start, every change I do on JS or PHP files or even if I refresh the page, the .local TLD is significantly slower than any other TLD domain (testing against .dev).

This is awful cause I am working on an agency project and the team has everything tuned up to use the same local domain!

Every change takes around 10 secs (the browser stays on waiting for localhost… for some secs and then, loads normally)

This happens only when watching, because if I compile and not using localhost:door but something.local it runs normally!!!

Anyone knows something about this!?


Maybe have a look at this: https://github.com/docker/compose/issues/3419#issuecomment-221793401

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After I try one gizillion things, I’ve found what worked for me:
In this post, there are a lot of folks with the same problem, but different resolutions:

Hopefully, this post may help anyone with similar problems!!!

I don’t think you should use .local as your TLD for local development.
This is reserved TLD in OSX, not sure about Linux might be there too.
This might be reason why it’s so slow for you.

Now when .dev is not available at the moment, I personally switched to: .lan


Thanks for your reply!

I don’t use the .local for my local dev, however, the agency that hired me for 3 or 4 projects have the .local as requirement, since we are sharing databases and the domain must be provided.