Localhost/BrowserSync error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

Hi guys!

I’m trying to start working with roots but am having a little problem getting pass the first configuration.
Currently I have Trellis running, I can access the site via de URL: “http://clientsname.test/

But when I execute npm start or yarn start the page doesnt load, returning me the error: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on http://localhost:3000/

I can access http://localhost:3001/ tho.

Configurations (Changed the name of the client to ‘clientsname’)


      - canonical: clientsname.test
          - www.clientsname.test
    local_path: ../site # path targeting local Bedrock site directory (relative to Ansible root)
    admin_email: admin@clientsname.test
      enabled: false
      enabled: false
      provider: self-signed
      enabled: false

“entry”: {
“main”: ["./scripts/main.js",
“customizer”: ["./scripts/customizer.js"]
“publicPath”: “/app/themes/ClientsTheme”,
“devUrl”: “http://clientsname.test”,
“proxyUrl”: “http://localhost:3000”,
“cacheBusting”: “[name]_[hash:8]”,
“watch”: [“app//*.php",

To run trellis: On first run I executed the command “vagrant up --provision”, now I only execute “vagrant up”

To run sage: yarn start (After yarn build)

Hey @Raphael_Araujo_Lima - if it’s working on 3001, then I’d say you’re good to go. Most likely, it’s just detecting something running on 3000 and automatically incrementing the port number.

Is it loading correctly on 3001?

Sorry! On 3001 runs browsersync panel.

Ah, gotcha. Does trying https://localhost:3000 in your browser make any difference?


Hmm, if the site loads fine on the devUrl (http://clientsname.test) but not via Browser Sync, that usually indicates to me that the config is wrong (e.g., incorrect proxyUrl) or you’re putting the wrong URL in the browser (e.g., needs to be HTTPS), but I’m not sure those apply. Another possibility is that you might have security software blocking the requests, but since you can load the Browser Sync admin page, that doesn’t seem right.

I’m not sure what else to suggest at this point–you might have some luck searching through other Discourse posts or Google. Sorry I couldn’t help solve it for you!

Figured it out!

Just followed the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE troubleshoot

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