Localhost times out

New to Roots, I’ve followed the instruction in Trellis documentation.
When vagrant up and go the browser I get a “Unable to connect” message.

The url is testing-site.test, I’ve change this in the wordpress_sites.yml and vault.yml

No errors from vagrant, just cant connect. I appreciate any help you can give.

Did you vagrant up --provision for the first time you vagrant up?

Run vagrant up --provision and paste us the whole log please.

Hey guys thanks for the response. :star_struck:

Turns out, I’ve tried this a few times with different domain names and I need to
$ sudo rm -rf /etc/exports

And then
$ sudo touch /etc/exports.

After that I did a
$ rm -rf ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/*

Which got me back to square one. I then cloned from the repo again. And ran
vagrant up

Then the browser loaded localhost and I could see the twentyseventeen theme running.

BTW, If you follow what is below the instructions heading you’re in for a world of hurt. Which is where I went wrong.

But I have it running now. The problem I have now is I’m trying to install a theme forest theme. But that’s for another ticket.

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