We use Loco Translate to translate our theme strings.
What is the right approach to get it running with Radicle?

Howdy! I’ll have to test that plugin out since I hadn’t seen it before. Does it just need a .pot file to work? You probably still need to follow some of these steps:

Translations not working - #4 by ben (#1 and #4)

I tried your suggestion in the post, but it did not help.
The problem is, that the plugin looks in the radicle theme directory for the strings instead in the resources folder.

Sorry, after posting this I saw that the post that Ben linked to had basically the same info. I will leave this here just in case.

Hi @abombelli

I am using Loco Translate for all my translation needs and, even if I have never used Radicle, I believe that you have to do this In order for Loco (and anything else) to pick up the custom location.

load_theme_textdomain('text-domain', get_template_directory() . '/resources/languages');

'text-domain' should be replace with your text domain. You may have to change the second argument to the function to match your needs.

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Thanks a lot @folbert
Unfortunately Loco does still not pick up the strings.

This returns public/content/themes/radicle and not the base directory.
I tried ACORN_BASEPATH, but it did also not help.

See the comment that I linked in my other post — look at #4