Log1x/ACF-composer fields not visible in Radicle WordPress environment

We have now started trying out Radicle with our team for a project.
However, in a previous project, we started using “Log1x/ACF-composer”.
Now we want to use it again, but when we install acf-composer, we can execute the commands and the create the files. However, the created blocks, options, fields, everything is not visible in WordPress.
I used the commands “composer require log1x/acf-composer” and “wp acorn vendor:publish --provider=“Log1x\AcfComposer\Providers\AcfComposerServiceProvider””, and a config file was created.

Does anyone have an idea why acf-composer is not working with Radicle?

Thank you in advance

This is currently an issue the team are aware of: https://github.com/roots/radicle/issues/14

Add the Acorn boot method inside of a plugins_loaded action so that plugins (ACF) are loaded first.

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Thank you, the workaround works. I searched on Google but couldn’t find any information and since the repository is private, Google couldn’t access it to see the issues. I realized that I forgot to check the issues of the repository myself.

Hey @sequelagency,

Unfortunately, this solution didn’t work for me.
After adding the wrapper, I deleted all files and re-run:

  • wp acorn optimize:clear
  • wp acorn acf:options Options --full

the option page gets created but is not visible:

🎉 Options option successfully composed.
     ⮑  app/Options/Options.php

Any suggestions?

Here is my Acorn boot method with the plugins_loaded() wrapper (just in case I missed something here):

add_filter('plugins_loaded', function () {
    if (! function_exists('\Roots\bootloader')) {
            __('You need to install Acorn to use this site.', 'radicle'),
                'link_url' => 'https://roots.io/acorn/docs/installation/',
                'link_text' => __('Acorn Docs: Installation', 'radicle'),


@rikhen It looks like you’re adding a filter. It should be an action instead.

Replace add_filter with add_action and hopefully that will work!

Hey @sequelagency

Thanks for the prompt reply. Still no luck. Unfortunately, replacing the filter-wrapper with the add_action('after_setup_theme') hook you suggested here: Potential issues with Acorn being booted as mu-plugin #14 didn’t help either.

I may miss something else. Do I need to add the AcfComposerServiceProvider class to my composer file?



  • add_action('plugins_loaded', fn () => \Roots\bootloader()->boot()); and
  • add_action('after_setup_theme', fn () => \Roots\bootloader()->boot());

are working.

I just need to re-run all the commands after making the changes to the boot class. Thanks, @sequelagency!

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